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Game Update v1.364
20 Feb 2008

Hi all,

Here is what we have changed in this latest update...

Guild Taxation: We have added a new system to allow guild taxation based on individual guild ranks. Once your guild has this new upgrade, you can then specify a percentage of the gold gained from creatures, per rank, to be transferred directly to the guild bank.

Enhancement Renamed: We have renamed the 'Awareness' enhancement to now be known as 'First Strike' as we feel this is more descriptive of what it actually does.

2 New Structures: We've added two new guuld structures...

  • Preemptive Temple - Increases the First Strike enhancement of all guild members by 2% per level.
  • Combat Pit - Increases the Duelist enhancement of all guild members by 1% per level.

Bounty PvP Rating: PvP rating is no longer gained or lost when the reason for combat was a bounty.

We hope you enjoy these new updates!

~ The Fallen Sword Team

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