Below is an overview of the skills currently available in the game. Note that some skills are only available via potions and are not shown on the skill trees.

Icon Name What does it do?
Absorb sm Absorb +0.1% chance per point that you will absorb 25% of the damage inflicted on you.
Adept Learner sm Adept Learner +0.2% per point increase in xp from creature kills.
Animal Magnetism sm Animal Magnetism +0.2% per point chance to make certain creatures respawn at your location.
Assist sm Assist +0.05% per point chance of one of your allies assisting in combat vs. creatures. (Ally is randomly selected and adds 50% of their attack, defense, damage, armor and hp - note this also excludes allies whom are more than 25 levels above you.).
Aura of Protection sm Aura of Protection +0.1% base Defence, +0.1% base Armor and +0.1% base HP per point.
Berserk sm Berserk +0.2% base Damage per point.
Bloodthirst sm Bloodthirst +0.2% chance per point to drain 5% of your opponents current HP per combat turn from your opponent.
Brewing Master sm Brewing Master +0.5% per point to the duration of potions when consumed while active.
Conserve sm Conserve +0.05% per point chance that combat (vs. players and vs. creatures) will use no stamina. (Excludes group/relic combat)
Constitution sm Constitution +0.1% per point increase to your defense.
Dark Curse sm Dark Curse +0.2% reduction of opponents defence per point.
Deathwish sm Deathwish +0.03% per point chance to instantly kill vs. creatures. (Excludes Super Elites)
Deep Pockets sm Deep Pockets +0.25% per point reduction in gold lost on failed combat vs creatures.
Defiance sm Defiance +0.25% per point reduction in xp lost when defeated in combat vs creatures.
Deflect sm Deflect +0.25% chance per point that a player attacking you will automatically fail before combat starts.
Doubler sm Doubler At skill level 50+, 2x Stamina usage in combat in return for 2x gold/xp. At level 100+ 3x, and at level 150+ 4x. Note that stamina and xp loss are normal (not multiplied) if you lose a battle.
Empower sm Empower +0.1% per point increase to all currently active enhancements.
Enchant Weapon sm Enchant Weapon +0.1% per point stat bonus increase to your equipped weapon. (Excludes 'Gain' bonuses).
Enchanted Armor sm Enchanted Armor +0.1% per point stat bonus increase to your equipped armor. (Excludes 'Gain' bonuses).
Evade sm Evade +0.1% base Defence per point.
Extend sm Extend +0.25% per point increase to skills durations that are cast while this skill is active.
Find Item sm Find Item +0.1% per point increase of creatures current drop rate.
Force Shield sm Force Shield +0.1% per point chance to reduce damage done to you to 1.
Fortify sm Fortify +0.1% base Armor per point.
Four Leaf sm Four Leaf +0.1% per point chance that craftable items are discovered already 'Perfect'.
Fury sm Fury +0.1% base Attack and +0.1% base Damage per point.
Great Vigor sm Great Vigor +0.2% base HP per point.
Holy Flame sm Holy Flame +0.2% extra damage vs. undead per point.
Ignite sm Ignite +0.1% per point chance per point that your opponent will be set on fire. Each successful hit thereafter will inflict between 5% and 10% extra damage.
Last Ditch sm Last Ditch +0.2% per point chance to survive death in combat (once per combat).
Librarian sm Librarian +0.1% per point chance to gain double xp from creatures.
Mastersmith sm Mastersmith +0.5% chance per point to repair each of your items in your backpack.
Merchant sm Merchant +0.05% per point chance to gain double gold from creatures.
Rage sm Rage +0.2% base attack per point.
Rock Skin sm Rock Skin +0.1% base Defence and +0.1 base Armor per point.
Sanctuary sm Sanctuary +0.1% per point increase to your armor.
Shatter Armor sm Shatter Armor +0.05% per point chance to reduce opponents armor by 75%.
Shockwave sm Shockwave +0.1% per point chance per point that your opponent will forfeit their next combat turn.
Spell Breaker sm Spell Breaker +0.1% per point chance to remove a random buff from PvP target upon a successful attack.
Stun sm Stun +0.1% chance per point to half opponents chance to hit.
Super Elite Slayer sm Super Elite Slayer +0.2% per point reduction of damage, attack, defence and armor to super elite creatures.
Treasure Hunter sm Treasure Hunter +0.2% per point additional gold from creatures.
Unbreakable sm Unbreakable +0.5% per point chance per point of equipment not taking durability loss during combat.
Wither sm Wither +0.2% per point chance of a 50% reduction of your opponents HP at the start of combat.
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